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The name gives it away, doesn’t it?

Here at NoBucks, saving moola is what we´re all about. Our sole purpose is to help you save as much money as possible, whilst still livin´ it up in style. NoBucks is your online portal of the best specials and deals within South-Africa. With our easy-to-use calendar, and your free access to it, never has it been easier to plan your days and nights out (and having some change left in your pocket)

“Money isn’t everything” – but we sure as hell want to make the most out of it. Saving money, in any way possible, is a need we all share. Consider NoBucks as your guide in do so. In style, of course.

By working with the major venues around South-Africa, we are able to bring to you the best deals available on a daily basis. You can think of us as the middleman between you and your desired outings, and boy do have plenty of those.

After launching its initial concept in mid-2009, NoBucks had taken Cape-Town by surprise with its innovative concept. Positive feedback, immense hype and countless ideas have led the NoBucks’ team to one goal – Go Bigger!

And so we did, spending months of planning and developing our concept, designing a new, better and easier to use website and finally going nationwide. Still, we spend every day looking for more places, more specials, and more ways of saving money. We are, put simply, your wallet’s best friend.

´NoBucks´ Founders: Luke Godfrey and Adam Lifshitz are both students from Cape Town, who found themselves in the same gap mentioned above. With their joint skills, creativity and innovation, they took this need to the next level and established NoBucks, to fulfill not only their needs, but those of all people around South Africa. "In order to find a solution, you have to be part of the problem"-with that thought in mind, they immediately conducted research, hours of work and a few too many nights out - only to bring you what you´ve always wanted.

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